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Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

17 & 18 May 2024

3Shape EMEA Superclass, Egypt

3Shape EMEA Superclass commenced impressively in Egypt, attracting a packed audience for the comprehensive two-day lectures on “Protocol in Digital Dentistry for Esthetic Veneers” and “Protocol in Digital Dentistry for Full Mouth Rehabilitation”. Being in Egypt was phenomenal, and it was incredible to see Protocol receive such positive impressions.

Kampala, Uganda

16 May 2024

SSER Romania

The start in Romania for the 21st International Congress of Dental Aesthetics was phenomenal, with a full house joining for the presentation of “Protocol for complex oral rehabilitations; function and aesthetics”.

Kampala, Uganda

27 March 2024

Back to Africa - Uganda

It’s great to be back in Africa for a lecture with Michele Temperani on ‘Standardization in Fixed Prosthodontics’. Join Marko Jakovac for an insightful discussion, hosted by Ivoclar’s symposium.

Cape Town, South Africa

22 March 2024

Africa Dental Symposium

Dr. Jakovac announced his first guest lecture in Africa, taking place at the Century City Conference Centre, organized by Ivoclar. The main topic will be the standardization in fixed prosthodontic practice. 

Zagreb, Croatia

9 March 2024

10th International Congress - School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb

This Saturday, Zagreb hosts the 10th International Congress of the School of Dental Medicine. Honored to be speaking in his hometown, Marko Jakovac prepared the most comprehensive program yet. 

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

9-10 February 2024

Esthetic Dental Story - USESFBIH

One of the most prominent dental events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Esthetic Dental Story, gathered numerous dental and dental technical experts who held interesting workshops and lectures. Among them, Marko Jakovac presented his work and the book Protocol and once again promoted the standard and quality in dental aesthetics.

Goa, India

7-10 December 2023

Prosthodontic Society Conference


Beyond borders, beyond boundaries – diving into the heart of prosthodontics in India. Marko Jakovac is honored to share a lifetime of knowledge in prosthodontics at the 51st Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference in the beautiful setting of Goa. Join the conference from December 7th to 10th for a memorable experience of learning and collaboration.

Salzburg, Austria

10 November 2023

Protocol for Complex Rehabilitations

        Teeth, talks, and tons of smiles will be present for a weekend in Salzburg presenting “Protocol for Complex Rehabilitations”. When knowledge is shared, it only grows stronger. Along with Marko Jakovac, it was grateful to have Michele Temperani on the stage.


Antalya, Turkey

4 November 2023

Protocol in Minimally Invasive Dentistry

          Joining forces with Dragan Stolica once again, and this time, Marko Jakovac is taking his passion for dentistry to the beautiful country of Turkey at the 26th International Turkish Prosthodontics and Implantology Association Scientific Congress.

dental world marko jakovac budapest

Budapest, Hungary

12-14 October 2023

Dental World Conference

    As a distinguished guest lecturer, Jakovac will unravel the intricacies of his Protocol methodology, reshaping the landscape of esthetic dentistry. Attendees can expect to be immersed in a world where science, art, and dental expertise converge seamlessly. The Dental World Conference in Budapest promises to be a hub of inspiration, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas among industry leaders and aspiring practitioners.



6-7 October 2023

Digital Future 2023

    Slovakia’s Digital Future congress is just around the corner. Honored to be a guest lecturer, Marko Jakovac will be discussing the exciting prospects at the crossroads of dentistry and digital technology.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

6 August 2023

EDSA Summer Camp

      Participating in the 11th EDSA Summer Camp as a guest lecturer for the tenth jubilee time has been acknowledged as a genuine privilege. Taking a brief summer hiatus to interact with brilliant international minds and make a meaningful contribution to their educational journey. To the prospective participants, eager minds, and new faces – anticipation for the next year’s encounter is extended.


Las Vegas, NV, USA

13 July 2023

DentalXP Global Symposium

        The DentalXP Global Symposium 2023 is a premier event in the field of dentistry, gathering experts and professionals from around the world to discuss cutting-edge advancements and techniques. At this symposium, Marko Jakovac will be presenting on the theme “Protocol for Complex Oral Rehabilitations: Function and Esthetics.” His presentation promises to provide valuable insights and practical protocols for achieving optimal outcomes in complex oral rehabilitations, focusing on both functional and aesthetic aspects. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and techniques to enhance their practice in the realm of complex dental procedures.

Prishtina, Kosovo

20 May 2023

Competence in Esthetics

    Embark on a journey into the realm of esthetics at the “Competence in Esthetics” event, proudly presented by Allianz Kosovo and Ivoclar in the vibrant city of Prishtina. Discover the latest advancements and techniques that redefine the standards of excellence in dental aesthetics.

Bratislava, Slovakia

12 May 2023

Bratislavské Dentálne Dni

    “I had the pleasure to be part of “Bratislavské Dentálne Dni” in Slovakia. It’s amazing to see so many people in one place who are passionate about improving their already very good knowledge. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible.”


Bucharest, Romania

21 April 2023

Marathon of Esthetic Dentistry

      Celebrating the success of the sold-out book Protocol, this exclusive gathering brings together dental professionals, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike, in the heart of Bucharest. Renowned experts, Dr. Marko Jakovac and Dr. Dragan Stolica, will lead insightful lectures, sharing their expertise and innovative approaches.